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Difference of the Christian Louboutin So Kate from the Pigalle

Every woman wishes to have a designer shoes and a pair of Louboutins are bound to be on your wish list.

Difference of the Christian Louboutin So Kate from the Pigalle

However, if you are buying first time designer shoes you discover a difficulty to pick right one, as price for shoes is high, afraid to buy not right ones is big. Picking Louboutin is even harder as Louboutin offers many types of pumps.

We all know that slight difference in toe box or heel brings you are big difference of comfort and aesthetics. As there are many types of popular shoes but there is two most exiting Louboutins that almost every woman like and prefer to.

We will help you to decide which Louboutin is right for you.

Comparing two most common pairs of heel that are called Kate's and Pigalle's.

The Louboutin basics heels.

The Louboutin basics heels

One is truth no mater it is a designer shoes or regular but your new pair of heels needs to be perfect for fit you. As you already know every brand has it is own measuring lane and size of heels may be different and will be.

All this must be in your count and you must know yours foot structure. Thing to know is that Louboutin pumps always has a very narrow silhouette.

Many women who bought Louboutins suggest to wear up half a size if yours foot wider than average women foot.

Learn more about how to choose right Christian Louboutin shoes size!

The Christian Louboutin So Kate's shoes

Christian Louboutin So Kates shoes

If you are searching a challenge to walk with high heel shoes probably the Louboutin the So Kate's are by far the most difficult to walk in.

These shoes have a large toe box, but the heel is so thin and so high that wearing such a shoes is a real challenge.

Difference from Pigalle’s is that So Kate’s heel does taper near the ground.

Other way to distinguish the So Kate, that shoes has pointy toe. 

If you prefer to look gorgeous and sexy, you do not afraid of challenges than you must have a So Kate’s shoes in your shoe closed. 

As price for shoes may variate as I seen it may be from couple hundreds to couple thousands of dollars. 

The Christian Louboutin Pigalle's shoes

Christian Louboutin Pigalles shoes

The available heights: 85 mm/100 mm/120 mm

If you are searching Christian Louboutin classic and shoes which are classic already The Pigalle model is for you.

As Pigalle’s toe box is one of the shortest but visual illusion makes it see an opposite as having the highest arch.

The heel of the Pigalle is thicker than the So Kate and thus the most comfortable for wear it regularly.

The Pigalle comes in various heel heights but strangest thing is that women prefer to pick the highest one with 120 mm and this version of Pigalle's shoes is most preferred.

Every woman who wears Pigalle's shoes feels the sexiest as low sides and crazy high heel let shine women as sexy goddess.