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How to find the perfect pair of Christian Louboutin heels?

When ewer you buy a pair of Louboutin is an experience you do not forget ever.

There is price and colour, model and Louboutin heel differences that you should know before you are buying these designer shoes.

Things we know about buying a pair of Pigalle’s or Very Prive that you must know too.

Christian Louboutin heel types

Louboutin shoes material

These designer shoes come in with many different layouts and designs so we know that there are many different materials used for it. Like one example Louboutin works with canvas, suede, crocodile, python, calf and kid leather.

We all know that as much material is rough as much shoes will hold a form and size. Tough materials like crocodile and patent will hold yours Louboutin live. The more the material gives, it is more likely to go a size up.

Sometimes you have a bad mood or you have a bad day and buy a pair of Louboutins heels way too big or way to small.

If you are buying heels in store you should see right away that yours Louboutin heels do not fit for you, but what to do if you buy these shoes online?

Here you find some tips and tricks on what to do when you buy the wrong size.

Louboutin heels too big:

Use heel grips or half insoles to prevent your feet from slippery and sliding away from place it should be.

Louboutin heels too small:

That’s the hard one part. You need to wear very tight socks and try to stretch the leather of heels. You can heat leather with a blow dryer but it is very dangerous and you must be very caution on that as you can damage yours heels.

Heels leather should mould to your feet but it may crack or burn it out so the best advice would be return heels to shop and get right ones you need.

Louboutin heels with dirt or signs:

Baby wipe will help you clean your Louboutin heels, but do it very gently.

Height of the Louboutin heel:

Every woman has a challenge to walk with high heels, but to wear Louboutin is a quest from big Q. Louboutin gives women a sexy look but takes from her a lot of challenging strength.

Always remember that high heel will make hard to walk with it.

If you are queen who born with high heel and you can swim like a fish but every Louboutin heels make you feel different and walk with them is different. 

If you see that it is hard to you walk with Louboutin highest heels you may find the simple truth, that some others Louboutin heels have a platform, which will allow you to lower yours heel high as platform will compensate it.

You will get a same height on more confident walk. 

Louboutin shoes style

There is a huge difference between a Louboutin platform heel, a peep-toe and flats for instance.

These styles will confirm you are going size up or down. A pair of Pigalle’s are very narrow but a pair of Louboutin flats are more true to size.

Always make a huge research on style you prefer before you buy a pair of Louboutin’s.