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History of Pigalle Heels by Louboutin

We don’t know for the right but legend says that Christian Louboutin was inspired by walking in Paris streets.

The Pigalle Heels by Louboutin

A long time ago every museum had a sign with info, that you must not scratch the wooden floors with heels or any sharp shoes detail. In that way, the French designer decided to manufacture shoes with tight soles and buckles.

During the time these soles were black and grey and only later heels got to color it is right now.

During one interview Christian Louboutin confirmed that inspiration for Pigalle shoe - hypnotic pumps came from crazy obsessions with a stiletto heel.

Between jeweled shoes and humorous creations, Christian Louboutin’s designs know how to seduce. A perfect arch, with a plunging neckline, stiletto heels and vermillion varnish as its signature.

Sexiest and best stilettos went to dancers of cabaret: sensual, glamorous, almost inaccessible.

Pigalle Heels By Louboutin

Christian Louboutin luxurious red sole is at its peak, this object of every fantasy and obsession, it came to light during 2004/05 Fall/Winter collection time that the pointed-toe stiletto-heeled pump appeared for the first time.

Nowadays it is the most known and welcome Christian Louboutin’s shoes in the world. It is a flagman of his all collections, and every season we get new colors and shapes of shoes.

There are 22 colors of The large collection of Pigalle pumps and Pigalle take off on top of 12 centimeters of the heel.

Every woman with the Pigalle will find two-way women she is: one will be very chic another side will be sexy.

These shoes help women to feel sensual and sexy and that is the truth that knows every woman in the world, who have ever tried these shoos.

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